The following FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list is designed to answer many of the commonly asked questions about our services. After looking over this page and our Online Web Hosting Support section, if you have any further questions or would like to make changes to your account, please contact Technical Support.  
 What is a domain name? 
A domain name is a text address that tells other computers where your web address is on the internet. Each web address is assigned a numerical value known as an IP address. A domain name attaches text to that IP address, thus giving it more meaning.

What do .com, .org and .net mean? 
These are the three top-level types of domain names on the internet, and are certainly the most common. Anyone can register a domain name with .com, . .org. or .net. If you wish to protect your online identity's uniqueness, it is recommended that you register all three kinds.

 I already own a domain name. Can I still make use of your other services? 
You certainly can. If you already own a domain name and would like to take advantage of our hosting, forwarding, email, or other services, simply follow this link to get started.

  How does provide customer support? 
Our customer support is conducted through email. We employ a skilled and experienced tech support staff. We guarantee a response within 24 hours. Providing support through email allows both and our clients to keep records of correspondence, and is often a much faster means of support.

 If I decide that I do not want the domain name that I registered, can I receive a refund? 
Unfortunately, if a domain name has been successfully registered, no refund can be given. There is no charge for failed registrations.

 What is your policy concerning Spam? 
Spamming is an unacceptable use of our services. Any complaints of spamming will be investigated. If those complaints prove true, that domain name will be removed from our name servers and a fine will be imposed. Any reports of Spam can be sent to .

 How can I make payment for my domain registration or services? 
We accept payment by credit card, cheque, or money order. Please be advised that payment by credit card is by far the best way to receive service quickly.

 Are there any hidden fees? 
Do I have to pay a transfer fee if I decide to leave's service? There are no hidden fees in any of our services. The only instance in which a fee may be imposed is in regards to spamming or unacceptable use. There is no fee to transfer away from our service.

 I only want to register my domain name at this point. Can I purchase additional services, such as web hosting, forward, or email later?
Absolutely. All our tally. All our services can easily be purchased from the account manager, although there is no obligation to do so.

 Do you place banners on your clients' sites? 
We never place banners on our clients' sites.

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